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How can food banks and shelters participate in The 1017 Project?

Get in touch with us by phone or email and we can set it all up. Each agency we provide beef to gets a phone call when we have cattle headed to the butcher. If your agency wants beef at that time, we connect you with our USDA certified butcher and you take it from there - with your cut order, payment of butcher fees and pick-up arrangements. There is no requirement for accepting beef when we contact your agency. If your freezers are already full we will call you again next time!

Is your beef USDA certified?

Yes, we work closely with our USDA certified butcher in Prineville. We schedule our butcher dates a year in advance in order to continue providing only USDA certified beef to all the food banks and shelters we serve.

 Is there an application process for families to receive beef from The 1017 Project?

No, we are a barrier-free organization. We provide the beef to any organization, food bank, shelter or church that seeks to serve food-insecure families in some way.

 Can The 1017 Project accept cattle donations?

Yes, we can accept cattle, hay and land donations and, because we are a non-profit corporation, we will make sure you receive a receipt for your tax filing purposes. Dave Malott handles our Cattle Operations and can be reached at 541-410-3715.

 Please call or email us if you have any questions that we have not answered here or on the website.